Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The fence is complete! (Almost!)

Last weekend we spent two days finishing off the construction of the fence. There is still some digging to be done to fill in the gaps under the fence, and cut the tops off the posts, but other than that it is complete! No more digging post holes! Here are some photos.

The old view from the front door.

Looking from the front door now

Along the house side
What the path looked like before

The new footpath. It is now wider.

Looking down the driveway. Look at that curve.

Back towards the house

This is how we dealt with the gaps under the fence. Looks really good.
It has really changed the whole look of the area. The pool looks like a proper pool now! I would like to give it a good pressure wash after all the construction and it will look pretty fresh. While we were there to prevent future damage we cut down the horrible Traveller's palm that was next to the front path.

Before. OH looking very happy.

Oops! Fell over. Now we can see our Banksia.
I have been busy in the house too. We were given a cupboard/bookshelf by OH's stepdad that he didn't have use for anymore. I cleaned it up over the weekend and we put it in our loungeroom. It is got just the right amount of damage/patina to look interesting but not ratty.

Fits perfectly

We also had a totally delicious roast vege dinner last week. All of the root vegetables were from OH's work. The sweet potatoes were especially good.

Extremely delicious
This weekend I expect we will be doing some digging and some tidying up inside the house. I have bought a bed frame for our spare room so we will need to make room for it and assemble it. My parents will be coming over next weekend so it would be great to catch up on some things in the house. They haven't been to visit since we moved in in March, so I think they will be quite surprised with our progress!

I will leave you with a photo of a small cat being licked by his mumma cat.

Milkshake (Ma) and a very happy Pillow
So fluffy! Have a good weekend!


  1. The fence has made such a huge difference. Everything has opened up. Your parents will be blown away I'm sure.
    Milkshake and Pillow have me smiling.

  2. I love the way you are tackling making this house your home, it is looking great.

  3. You have made such a difference since you both moved in. It must be very satisfying to look at the before and after photos. Some of the 'before' ones look like our place as DH is a hoarder too :-)