Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July Update

Wow! I can't believe its been 6 weeks since I posted last. We have been busy, but have also taken a lot of time off to relax. At the begining of July we went to a fantastic 'unconference' called Deep Winter Agrarian Gathering, where hundreds of small scale farmers meet and chat about all things farming. It was a really inspiring weekend and we had a really great time. Lots of great ideas for the future.

This is the beautiful Mullumbimby Community Gardens, where we visited on our stay. I have been moving along with my other blog, Fig Tree Creek Permaculture. I have been posting about the outside work we have been doing at the property. I wanted to keep it separate because we have different goals for the different areas.

In mid July we did a big cleanup of our downstairs area. All of our stuff was still everywhere from when we fully cleaned under the house, so we had to put it back all into place. We also scrounged together another full trailer load for the dump of the previous owners stuff. While we were doing that, OH built a timber rack out of recycled timber we had lying around. All those years of moving the timber between houses has finally become useful!

This rack is for our big pieces of outdoor timber and lives in the carport. It keeps the pieces off the ground and allows for big pieces of flat sheeting behind. OH is very clever! That weekend we were accompanied by the beautiful Ella.

The next weekend we spent some time with some new friends that also live on the coast. We drove around and ended up at the Kin Kin pub, a beautiful old building. OH also locked the keys in the car while we were there, oops! So our stay ended up a bit longer than intended (with a beer to celebrate afterwards, of course!).

In the last weekend of July, inspired by Ella's recent stay, we got our own dog! Introducing the beautiful Benny. He is a kelpie border collie cross and is a total sweetheart.

He is loving the farm and getting to know us well. He has had an unfortunate past but he is really warming up to us. Our oven also died during July, so we got a new one! We aren't sure how old the existing one was, but probably at least 10 years old. The new one has TWO SHELVES and A LIGHT! Onwards and upwards!

Looking forward to August!


  1. Benny looks lovely hope he settles in well for you. You'll be baking up a storm in the new oven.

  2. Lovely dog, I hope he has found his forever home. You have been busy!